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Complimentary BeED Subscription to Schools Affected by Covid-19

In light of school closures throughout the region, BeED would like to extend our support and services to those affected with a complimentary 6 months' subscription to our mobile learning platform.


It’s Your System,
Not Ours.

Award-Winning Learning Management System for Schools

Stay ahead of the modern global trends in education and launch the most customizable all-in-one solution for school and professional development.

The BeED Education Ecosystem

Integrating all Your Educational Demands into One Pedagogically-Focused Integrated System.

BeED is built to make teaching and learning easier for everyone. Learn more about how BeED works with your institution.


Learning Management System

Integrate the entire learning process, from managing overall institutions to creating customizable curricula and engaging in interactive mobile lessons.

Rather than relying on multiple platforms, the BeED LMS allows Independent or network schools to support multiple institutions all in one page, whether it be to monitor the holistic progress of their learners or build a curriculum from scratch.

BeED Journeys

Interactive mobile lessons can be done indoors or outdoors, independently or guided by a facilitator. Stay organized indoors or outdoors with the handy Itinerary Planner.

Apply what you’ve learned in class to real-world experiences.

BeED Nexus

Marketplace for Educational Content

Publish the best of the best of your lessons onto the BeED Nexus, a global hub for classroom teaching resources. Get recognition for your work while co-learning best practices from other institutions.

Search for engaging indoor or outdoor mobile lessons, all in one place.

Get on board with the next level of EDUCATION


I love how we can include pictures as answers and answer everything in a digital format.                   

Bangkok Excursion Student


The experience was wholly enjoyable and served our needs with accuracy and a professionalism that impressed continually. This is a service that I would use again and recommend.

Matrix International School


It was the first time we were using BeED and their 1st class service didn't go unnoticed. They did not disappoint and went out of their way to meet our needs.

Fairview International School


The app was user-friendly, well-designed, and contained various useful interactive multimedia! The instructions and directions to all the designated locations was very clear too!

Fairview International

Bali Excursion Student

It was the first time we were using BeED and their 1st class service didn't go unnoticed. They did not disappoint and went out of their way to meet our needs.

Vicky Vallance


Any problem was immediately dealt with in a professional manner...thank you for making the trip memorable, comfortable, safe and exciting for students and staff.

Xi'an Hi-Tech

International School

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