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Why BeED?
Mobile Learning is the future
Today’s learners are not just tech savvy but now want the mobility that is available in our mobile devices. Although the laptop computer is a powerful mobile tool, our mobile devices are now even cheaper and more powerful allowing true mobility in learning. It has been shown through various studies that the learners of today excel much further.
It should be Your System, Not Ours
Your school will continuously evolve – and so should your system. Unlike many other static platforms, BeED’s unique blocking feature allows for your institution to adapt and grow the system based on your own needs, however and whenever you want. In line with global mindedness, our system will soon evolve to be linguistically agnostic to fit any culture, thus becoming a true World LMS.
Develop your Learners for Life
We believe that learning is about more than just grades – it’s about developing the character of each unique learner. With our system, you can not only track the academic progress of every learner, but help shape their character and skills as well. Help your learners develop positive habits that continue beyond the classroom years to make them international-minded citizens of the future.
Educational tools should be affordable
We completely understand the struggle of providing your learners with the best while on a limited budget. By reducing the number of physical resources, our system offers a more sustainable and efficient option, saving you money and effort in the long run. Moreover, our system’s intuitive interface guides learners through the learning process, allowing educators time and energy to do what they do best – educating and engaging.When you choose us, you get exactly what you see – there are no hidden charges, making us the clearly more affordable solution when compared to others.
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Awards & Accreditations
Xi'an Hi-Tech
International School
Any problem was immediately dealt with in a professional manner...thank you for making the trip memorable, comfortable, safe and exciting for students and staff.
Vicky Vallance
It was the first time we were using BeED and their 1st class service didn't go unnoticed. They did not disappoint and went out of their way to meet our needs.
Fairview International
Bali Excursion Student
The app was user-friendly, well-designed, and contained various useful interactive multimedia! The instructions and directions to all the designated locations was very clear too!