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About Us

Ecosystem for lifelong learning

Since our official launch in May 2017, we’ve blazed a path through not just the EdTech sector in Malaysia, but across the world. We are the first Asian company to graduate from the Helsinki-based xEdu, Europe’s leading business accelerator for EdTech startups. BeED Journeys, our Mobile Experiential Learning Platform, is also one of the few Asian products to have been certified by Education Alliance Finland, which evaluates the quality of learning solutions based on educational psychology and Finnish pedagogical knowledge.

Together with you, we look forward to making even more progress in the field of education worldwide.

Our Vision

We believe in a world where education is not limited by physical boundaries but by our desire to learn. We aim to give back to the world we live in by supporting schools and empowering people with opportunities to improve themselves and their quality of life through the power of education.


The goal of BeED is to break all barriers to learning. By making travel easier and seamlessly connecting Learners to Educators through our app, we inspire our users to go on adventures and to enrich themselves with knowledge.

Awards and Accolades