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Enhance learning through our revolutionary MLearning application for travel education and experiential learning. With the freedom to choose or create from a list of different teaching pedagogies, BeED Journeys doesn’t just teach information - we help cultivate essential skills such as empathy, creativity and self-reflection to aid the holistic development of learners.

A delivery platform for life-long learning, BeED Journeys goes beyond the classrooms walls and accompanies those seeking to create professional development courses and training.

BeED Journeys bridges the gap between textbook learning and on-site application of academic knowledge, making education more relevant and exciting for learners of all ages.

Benefits of BeED Journeys


Key Features

Mobile Learning Off the Grid

With BeED Journeys, lessons can now be done virtually anywhere in the world, with its offline feature granting continued access to learning even when off the grid. Poor Wifi connections are no longer a challenge for the digital revolution.

Media-Rich Learning Content

Classroom lessons come alive through the BeED app, where conventional textbook material is transformed into rich media to allow for a greater variety of activities that make lessons more relevant, meaningful and engaging for both the learner and educator.

One-Stop Travel Concierge

Our dedicated team of trained professionals can help you customize trips that best suit your institution’s individual needs and preferences. Whether it be a local trip or an excursion abroad, let us plan your trip from A to Z, including risk assessments, community engagement and cultural exploration.

Versatile Planner at Your Fingertips

BeED’s Mobile Itinerary Planner works well with both outdoor trips as well as indoor lessons. Keep track of what, where and when you’ve planned something for your travels, or use as a lesson scheduler to link individual mobile lessons to a specific time and date.

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Research-Backed Mobile Learning

Various studies have shown the surprising benefits of MLearning over other conventional forms of learning. With 92.6 % of the world's population accessing the Internet via mobile devices (Statista), MLearning may just be the answer for universal, convenient learning anytime and everywhere.

Let's take a look at what some statistics say about MLearning:

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of learners claim that mobile learning enhances their experience (eLogic Learning)

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of milennial learners reported that they prefer mobile learning over other traditional methods (Docebo)

0 %

of K-12 learners claim they have benefitted from doing research through MLearning (Statista)

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greater knowledge retention rate for Elearning courses done through MLearning (findstack)

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