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Through the BeED platform, cultural, natural and historical sites are showcased in their best light, providing even greater engagement and flexibility for visitors. Whether you're a museum, nature reserve or historical monument, you can now share your hidden secrets and histories through BeED's mobile guide to engage the digital generation.

Cost and Time Effective

Save time and money developing your own app by hosting your guides, maps and other tourist information on BeED’s mobile platform. Go green by reducing the resources needed to provide audio guides and physical booklets to your visitors. Plus, with the BeED app, your visitors needn’t waste valuable time waiting for scheduled tours as well, but can explore your site at their own pace and comfort.

Widespread Access off the Grid

BeED’s offline feature guarantees that no tourist site gets left behind. Regardless of poor WiFi speeds or remote locations, visitors can download active maps and guides for your site prior to their visit to ensure that they get the most out of their trip without interruptions.

Added Value through Education

Add even greater value to your site by showcasing it through BeED Learning Experiences, where academic relevance is linked to actual places of interest worldwide. Let history, geography and other academic subjects come alive through rich media in the Learning Experiences to engage your visitors in lifelong learning.

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