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Explore how the BeED Ecosystem helps users from different fields maximize their teaching and learning experience.

School Networks

Administer your entire network of schools down to the finest detail, whether it be monitoring daily classroom lessons or ad hoc projects. Let the BeED LMS be the digital collaborative tool that brings your schools together to uphold and enhance the academic excellence of your institutional network.


With so many courses, facilities and learners, you need a simple yet comprehensive system that can keep up with your every need and demand. Use the BeED LMS to help you organize and track your resources effortlessly to ensure that your establishment runs as smoothly as possible.

Tuition Centres

Set your tutoring services apart from other centres by using the BeED's digital solutions to engage and inspire learners.

Independent Schools

Use BeED to digitize the entire learning process for a teaching and learning experience that is cost-effective, interactive and engaging.

Tourism Sites

Through the BeED platform, cultural, natural and historical sites are showcased in their best light, providing even greater engagement and flexibility for visitors. Whether you're a museum, nature reserve or historical monument, you can now share your hidden secrets and histories through BeED's mobile guide to engage the digital generation.


Enhance your employee training programmes through the BeED system, designed to minimize hassle and increase employee engagement while fulfilling their CPD requirements.

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