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Why is Pedagogy Important?

Pedagogy is at the heart of every teaching and learning process. While every educational institution will have its own curriculum, pedagogy becomes all the more relevant and meaningful as it caters specifically to the needs and interests of individual learners. 

In a nutshell, a curriculum may include content about the universal basics of science, math and language. Pedagogy, however, determines how an educator organizes that content into a teaching methodology that may differ from class to class, depending on the age and proficiency level of the learners. For example, a lesson on English grammar will vary greatly if it were taught to young children vs. a class of adult ESL learners. 

A well-planned pedagogy will thus improve the quality of the teaching and learning process as it helps learners get a deeper understanding of crucial topics, and may even bring about a greater cooperative learning environment. 

How can Pedagogy Bring Out the Best in Your Curriculum?

Learners may learn better through a particular pedagogy as compared to others. Through trial and error, educators and learners may collaborate to develop the most effective method of learning a subject matter.

How does BeED Support Pedagogy?

The BeED Learning Management System (LMS) is a comprehensive platform that supports multiple curricula for independent or network schools. 

Through its unique Curriculum Builder, independent or network institutions are able to develop programmes that are wholly customizable and specific to their individual needs and preferences. Its open visibility and templating features allow for the standardization of curriculum and pedagogical standards across their network. 

Through its flexible Lesson Builder, educators can create and organize engaging and media-rich lessons based on their preferred pedagogical methodologies. They can then share and/or collaborate on these lessons across their institutional network to ensure fluidity and cohesion of the subject matter taught. 

The system also particularly focuses on the holistic development of learners by integrating analytics, curriculum mapping, rubrical evaluations and more throughout the entire teaching and learning process.

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