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Introducing the Folder System and Multiple Choice Questions

Amidst the worrying quarantine season, BeED is still working hard to cater to the needs of our clients. With this, we are proud to announce the release of 2 much-requested features – the LE Folder System and the Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) feature! Explore both of them in the Contributor Platform and Journeys app, and don’t hesitate to give feedback regarding your experience.

The LE Folder System

We know how important it is to have your LEs organised. Now, you can efficiently arrange all your LEs according to your preferences, whether it be by courses, units, target audience, goals, etc., and drag and drop them into the appropriate folders and subfolders.

beed folder and MCQ system 2

This feature is accessible through both BeED mobile and web applications, allowing you to manage your lessons anywhere with only a few clicks.

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)

To cater to the ever growing demand of multiple choice questions and automated checking, BeED has built a new assessment format for learner evaluation. Now, on top of open answer question blocks, you can choose multiple choice questions or even select previously saved questions in the Question Bank to enhance your lessons. With the MCQ feature, you can even set up a timer for each question block, allowing you to create more interactive activities such as quizzes, surveys and so on.

beed folder and MCQ system 3

Become a BeED Contributor and get access to the extensive and customised Learning Experiences and Walking Guides builder.

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