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introducing beed connect

Introducing BeED Connect

The BeED Forum has been revamped into BeED Connect! It now comes with an added layer of communication for all educators and learners.

Private Forum & Messenger

introducing beed connect forum and announcements

With the new private forum and private messenger, educators can create private groups to discuss relevant topics with their individual classes, or create one-on-one conversations to provide added assistance whenever necessary.

Learn how to set up your private forum and messenger with us by clicking on the Tutorial for Educators and Administrators. If you are a learner, check out how to navigate the new BeED Connect by clicking on the Tutorial for Learners.

Broadcast Announcements

beed connect announcements feature

Administrators can also send out broadcast announcements to the entire institution network, or just to specific institutions, segments and classes to make sure everyone remains on track with the latest school events.

With the introduction of private forums, messenger and announcements, we hope to create a better teaching and learning experience for all by encouraging greater participation and in-depth conversations.

Do try out all our new features introduced these past few months. We will see you again soon!

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