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In The News: Can Tech Enable Education for All?

2020 has changed a lot for all of us, regardless of background, geographical location, and industry. 

This article published by Tan Zhai Yun for The Edge Malaysia highlighted some of the most poignant changes the educational industry has gone through. Click on to read the Cover Story: Can Tech Enable Education For All?

The Pandemic has forced the closure of schools and teachers in Klang Valley public schools have had to do their best to engage with their students online. The result is that teachers became incredibly resourceful to cater to the many students struggling with access to reliable internet access and devices. These dedicated educators got creative by personally preparing, printing, and delivering work to their students at their homes. 

The Pandemic has widened the education gap between the privileged and underprivileged and the difference has never been more jarring. 

Founder of BeED, Michael Chian, was interviewed by The Edge Malaysia and he revealed how online education does not work when a traditional classroom teaching method is used on an online platform. 

It must be driven by pedagogy”, says Michael Chian. “It must include interactivity, contextual learning, and engaging visuals.”

The Pandemic threw the curtain open as we finally acknowledged the gap and how different each child is from another. The need for EdTech solutions is now at the forefront because we now recognize that the same learning material cannot be a blanket solution for all students

With communication and engagement forming some of the biggest roadblocks for online education, BeED offers solutions that help teachers customize lesson plans, curriculum, schedules, and communication channels

BeED goes the extra mile to help train and support teachers using the system to set up lessons and curriculums with one-on-one and ready-made resources to reduce the time required to look for good learning content and materials. 

Another point highlighted by Chian in the article is that online learning needs to be mobile. Instead of being strapped to a table and chair, students will benefit more from an experiential form of learning experience. What this means for both teachers and students is that they can learn from just about anywhere so long as they are armed with mobile devices. 

BeED is currently offering a six-month trial to schools and educational organizations affected by the Covid-19 Pandemic. 

This is in line with BeED’s core belief that education is not just a gift, it is a right. BeED’s online and mobile learning platform expounds equitable education that can be accessed and used by most mobile devices, even when students and teachers struggle with low bandwidth and weak WiFi or data connection. 

By distributing affordable mobile devices with connectivity instead of laptops, we can make mobile learning more attainable, although this is the cheapest and fastest way to do it for now. 

You can find out more about our FREE 6-Month trial by requesting a demo, or sending us an email at