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How the 'New Norm Online Learning ill Benefit the Kids of Today

How “New Norm” Online Learning will Benefit Kids of Today

With everyone on lockdown, one of the most pertinent questions floating around both in the minds of parents/educators/students and on the internet is ‘how is the ‘new norm’ online learning method going to benefit the kids of today? 

It’s a valid question, of course, but I think we should first dive into the true meaning of ‘benefit’. 

If you’re talking about how ‘online learning’ is going to benefit your kids, let’s start by understanding what learning is all about.

What is Learning?

The definition of learning is ‘the acquisition of knowledge or skills through study, experience, or being taught.’

The definition of knowledge is ‘facts, information, and skills acquired through experience or education; the theoretical or practical understanding of a subject.’

What has happened this year, 2020, is that educators, schools, organizations, parents, and students have had to find alternatives, unconventional ways to keep ‘learning’ on track despite the challenges we are facing. 

Educationists, therefore, view ‘online learning’ as the new way of learning. It’s simply another environment that teachers and students today can adapt to as a way to teach and learn. The biggest difference is the environment which is conventionally in a teacher-centric classroom, field, museum, or lab. 

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Online Learning is Turning the Tide

There’s nothing revolutionary about the internet. People have been using it for almost everything since the World Wide Web opened its doors 20 years ago, on the 6th of August 1991. 

Since then, the vast potential of the Internet has been consistently experimented with and the domain continues to expand. It is not going away. That is why we have been working hard on providing a Pedagogically-Focused Ecosystem with an  integrated solution for better curriculum and lesson planning, tips on creating pedagogically-focused digital lessons, or an opportunity to facilitate and encourage learning all around the globe.

Online learning, however, has rocked the educational industry this year. It’s been a laggard of change. 

With much of the education sector edged into rethinking its modus operandi, the education industry has had to turn everything on its head and force things through the gate. 

This might be a good thing.

It’s about time the industry rethinks and reforms the way we teach and educate to improve the learning process. Actually, if not for the year 2020, this change, this improvement, may have taken a longer time to come through. 

The only way to view this new change in a negative way is when one is not willing to make adjustments, cannot cope with changes, or finds it hard to adapt to it.

How New Norm Online Learning will Benefit Kids of Today

Mobile Learning that Takes Learning Anywhere

While there is no blanket ideal experience for everyone, no magic potion, in my personal opinion, students will be better off if they are no longer tied to a table and chair while they are learning To educators, it allows them to utilize the full benefits of experiential learning One such example of BeEd going the extra mile is to create a highly flexible folder system that allows management accessibility through BeED mobile and web applications. Students will be able use it to master time management and utilise it for work efficiency. BeED also caters to multiple choice questions and automated checking which helps teachers evaluate a learner’s progress more accurately and quickly by setting up a timer for each question block on-the-go.  It enhances their data literacy skill.  Experiential learning is loosely defined as ‘learning through reflection on doing‘. In layman’s term, it’s hands-on learning. It is related to learning through action, adventure, free-choice, cooperation, service, and environment.  With the ‘new norm’ online learning methodology, whatever a student has learned that day can be experimented with where logic is tested, self-discipline is imposed, actions and results are observed, feedback is gathered, and all of them can collectively be applied in a real-world situation This brings relevance to the whole learning process and may prove to be the impetus for the education industry.
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The Components of Effective 'New Norm' Online Learning

The ‘new norm’ online learning process comes with maps which are customizable by educators to create an infinite number of learning pathways for the student to be differentiated by pathway, content, pace, and engagement.

The BeED learning experiences come with maps (customisable by teacher) to create a infinite number of learning pathways for the student to be differentiated by pathway, content, pace and engagement

In an online learning platform, educators have better control and ability to extend the differentiation of the learning process through student readiness and learning profile.

  • Student Readiness – Some students who are more acclimatized to the traditional teacher-centered learning process may find it hard to cope with a flipped classroom environment. Effective learning involves a community of people coming together. It’s a double-edged sword but the upside is that students now can study at their own pace.

  • Learning profile – Every student has their own preferred way to learn. Some do it better in a conventional class, others simply prefer to set their own pace, or experience something first-hand. Due to the nature of the ‘new norm’ online learning, EdTech solutions come in many different forms of response options. It has given educators and students options like videos, annotations, drawings, and many more! 

To further illustrate the interactiveness of our educational platform, teachers can provide instant feedback in various formats. The feedback comes in the form of messages, text answers, annotation, and media like images, audio, and videos as a form of feedback. 

Case in point, students can better master subjects like mathematics and chemistry when used together with other guides and materials. 

It’s the golden opportunity for the teachers and students to have a more engaging dialogue through the web-based platform or app. 

Since mastery is important to progression, customizing the lessons may result in higher test scores and success rates., although test results should not be the only determining factor during evaluation and feedback.

Benefits and Challenges to a Flipped Classroom Environment

Without a smidgen of doubt, there are both benefits and challenges to online learning. The ‘new norm’ has pulled the curtain back on that. 

However, we continue to propose the benefits of online learning for very good reasons – it’s the way forward for the educational industry

The most important aspect we should consider is to enhance the benefits of online learning and tackle its challenges.

We need to remember this poignant statement and the fact that our educational system is developing the next generation of people who might wield this pen:

A pen is only a pen. Alone it can do nothing. When wielded by the right person, it can either start wars or create World Peace.”


BeEd is an online platform that aims to break all barriers to learning. A part of BeEd’s journey is in providing equal opportunities to people from all walks of life to an education. You can learn more about how BeEd’s solutions have helped schools, organizations, corporations, tuition centres, universities and tourism sites. In fact, BeEd has extended our support to businesses and communities which are affected by the Coronavirus Pandemic by offering our trial services for free. What we offer is a mobile experiential learning app, Curriculum builder, and interactive mapping for an engaging and flexible learning experience.  If you’re looking for an online platform to educate, train, or support the learning of students, communities, staff, or teams of people flexibly online, let us know by contacting us at Our staff will be in touch with you shortly and we’ll take it from there.
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