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how far would you go to boost engagement in your classroom

How far would you go to boost student engagement in your classroom?

Dear Teachers and School Administrators,

The first half of 2020 has flown by, and quality education has never been harder to deliver as we adapt to the new norm in the time of the Coronavirus.

But fret not! Here at BeED, we strive to make a better world where everyone has equal access to good quality education, including children with Special Educational Needs.

To achieve this, we are gathering data in conjunction with Finland, Harvard and MIT to help us understand more about the main challenges most Educators and School Administrators face in providing good quality education.

If you are an Educator, help us by filling out and sharing this survey with your fellow peers: An Educator’s Point of View

Or, if you are a School Administrator (Board of Directors, Principal, Headmaster, Head of Department or Curriculum Director), please help us to fill out the survey here: An Administrator’s Perspective

Take part in our surveys above and enjoy a free subscription to our award-winning BeED Journeys platform for a limited time!

Together, we can shape the future!

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