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beed featured at the estonia briefing center

e-Estonia Briefing Centre features the BeED Ecosystem

Famed as Estonia’s premier National Showroom for digital innovations, the e-Estonia Briefing Centre of Estonia celebrated its 10th anniversary last year and changed its concept to a digital expo telling the story of “the most advanced digital society in the world” and introducing solutions developed both by the state and by Estonian private tech and software companies.

As part of the expanding digital expo, BeED got the chance to enrich the collection of the most significant Estonian “Education and Research” projects with its lineup of integrated e-education solutions: BeED LMS, BeED Journeys and BeED Nexus. Jointly developed by the Estonian company OÜ with Beeducation Adventures Sdn Bhd, the BeED exposition takes visitors on an e-journey through the products’ features and latest updates, allowing them to book personalised demo sessions with the BeED team.

Visitors to the Centre have a chance to experience the BeED ecosystem and learn more about Estonia’s Education sector which brought glory to the country after Estonian students were ranked 1st in Europe in the 2019 OECD PISA test. Visitors can also learn more about Estonia’s vision of the e-state of mind and what it takes to build a digital society, from electronic ID to data privacy, cybersecurity and much more.

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About the e-Estonia Briefing Centre

The e-Estonia Briefing Centre is located in the Öpik Building, Ülemiste City business district in Tallinn and operates as NGO under Enterprise Estonia. Over the past 10 years, it has hosted over 52 000 visitors and close to 4000 delegations, including international decision-makers from the public and private sectors of more than 130 countries.

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