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complimentary beed LMS subscription for schools affected by Covid-19

Complimentary BeED Subscription to Schools Affected by Covid-19

Healthcare and access to education are basic human rights. Rights that are still facing multiple barriers to reach every individual in this country. Unfortunately, both are now further threatened in the wake of the Covid-19 outbreak, which is causing school closures to minimize the spread. And while there may be nothing we can do about healthcare, we can do something about this new roadblock to education.

In light of more schools being closed throughout the region, BeED would like to extend the support and services to those affected with a complimentary 6 months’ subscription to the mobile learning platform. A platform will enable educators to move beyond the closed walls of schools to conduct lessons remotely, giving the support students need at this time, through continual learning. Through their own mobile devices, students and teachers can carry on with their lessons, grading and personalized interaction, all from the comfort and safety of their own homes.

During this process, the BeED team will provide on-going support from the on-boarding training to the uploading of content materials and more.

BeED is a Finnish certified pedagogically-focused platform designed to meet your school’s curricular and teaching needs. Some of the BeED features include a mobile experiential learning app, multi-blocking Curriculum Builder and interactive mapping for an engaging and flexible learning experience.

If your school is among those affected, get in touch with our EdTech Specialist team today at or by filling in the form below. Let’s discuss how we can prevent classroom disruptions together.

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