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beed platinum partner transform africa summit

BeED is proud to be a Platinum Partner of Transform Africa Summit 2020

As a member of the Smart Africa Alliance, OÜ, better known as the Estonian partner of BeED, is invited to join the sixth edition of the Transform Africa Summit 2020 in Conakry, Guinea on April 20-23, 2020. Following the idea of fostering conversation towards a digital transformation of the market, BeED has proudly gained the status of a TAS 2020 Platinum Partner to lead educational technology initiatives across the region.

From BeED’s perspective, the provision of services for teaching and holistic learner assessment for African schools and universities could enhance the global exchange of best practices between education professionals and efficiently spur the spread of innovative pedagogical approaches among local educators at no extra cost. To make it possible, the BeED onboarding programme juggles the balance between technology and academic components of the solutions.

About TAS

Transform Africa Summit is the most promising annual forum for international companies to deepen their impact through solid partnerships with local businesses, discover what’s trendy in various domains and shape the digital landscape of Africa. This year, TAS will be held under the theme of “Integrating Africa”, and is expected to attract more than 4000 visitors, including heads of state and government, representatives of international organisations, industry experts, investors, companies, innovators and many others.

En tant que membre de la Smart Africa Alliance, OÜ, plus célèbre en tant que représentant estonien de BeED, est invité à rejoindre la sixième édition du Transform Africa Summit 2020 qui se tiendra à Conakry, en Guinée, du 20 au 23 avril, 2020. Suite à l’idée d’encourager la conversation vers la transformation numérique du marché, BeED acquiert le statut de TAS 2020 Platinum partenaire menant des initiatives dans la technologie éducative à travers la région.

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