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BeED is now an authorized reseller of Zoom Solutions

We’re proud to announce that we are now a Zoom Authorized Reseller! 

Due to the Pandemic, demand for virtual lectures and tutorials have skyrocketed, as schools scramble to find ways to keep their Educators and Learners connected during lockdowns. This has become a challenge for many, as the struggle to juggle multiple platforms during a single lesson often interferes with the teaching and learning process itself. 

With Zoom’s integration into the BeED LMS, both Educators and Learners can now access the virtual conferencing platform directly from within their Lessons through Conference Blocks without needing to navigate away to a separate platform. 

This eases the experience considerably for all users alike, as it minimizes time wastage and other potential troubleshooting issues. Zoom-integrated Conference Blocks can also be slotted into specific and relevant stages in a Lesson for a targeted and context-based integration, such as in the “During Class” stage in a Flipped Classroom Lesson. 

This integration provides a seamless experience for potential clients who want to avail themselves of Zoom services as well by providing them with a one-stop solution through BeED. 

About Zoom

Zoom Video Communication, Inc. is the leading provider of modern video conferencing solutions integrated into a secure and reliable cloud platform. It is available across mobile and desktop devices, with easy-to-use software developed to elevate and maximize productivity across different enterprises.

How to avail Zoom Solutions via BeED?

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