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beed integrates zoom into LMS

BeED Integrates with Zoom – new features have arrived

BeED is now offering the option to integrate your online lessons with Zoom or any other video conferencing tool ofyour choice!

With the current pandemic, we have seen how online education has been made easier with the availability of video conferencing platforms. These virtual platforms have supported teaching and learning where physical attendance is not possible, and provides a successful medium to allow continuous interaction and social care among educators and learners.

Expanding the ecosystem

  • 1. Differentiation: Segregate your virtual classroom into groups based on different learning efficiency.
  • 2. Collaborative learning: Encourage active peer discussion during the learning experience to exchange ideas.
  • 3. Checkpoints for assessment: Create an oral dialogue assessment for linguistic subjects.

Integrated into Learning Blocks

studying on laptop and mobile phone

Virtual classrooms can now be part of the pedagogical process. Not only can it be placed strategically to facilitate Blended Learning, it can also be used for small group discussions and private one-to-one tutoring. Learn how to set up your online classroom with us by clicking on the tutorial.

Set Release Date & Deadline

setting zoom meetings on beed learning platform

To add on, you can now set the time and date to release your lessons, as well as a deadline for your learners’ submissions. Want to allow late submissions? We’ve got you covered as well.

Import Multiple Lessons

curriculum segments and courses importability

That’s not all – now you can speed up your timetable linking by linking multiple lessons at one go!

We hope this new feature can cater to the teaching and learning needs of the “new normal”, and help improve access to education for even more people, wherever they are.

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