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BeED and Oxsico

BeED integrates with Oxsico, the most comprehensive plagiarism checker

With today’s easy access to and widespread use of online resources, plagiarism has become a rampant problem in the educational field. In BeED, you can now check and compare your learners’ work with Oxsico Similarity Checker. Boasting the largest database of scholarly articles consisting of over 80 million academic documents and support for 129 different languages, plagiarism checking has never been more comprehensive or effective.

Here’s what you can look forward to with Oxsico:

Enhancing the ecosystem:

  • 1. Easy & fast detection: Educators no longer have to worry about plagiarism in their learners’ work. Once you toggle the checker on for a particular assignment, all submitted work will automatically run through Oxsico and generate a report for both the educator and learner.
  • 2. In-depth thinking: Learners are encouraged to put in more thought and care in creating original work.
  • 3. Integrity: Ensure the institution retains the highest level of academic integrity.

Wide Range of Languages Supported

beed and oxsico languages supported

With 129 languages supported, Oxsico is capable of detecting plagiarism in multiple languages and works well with various writing scripts such as Chinese, Greek, Arabic and more.

paraphrase detection with beed and oxsico

The Smart Paraphrasing Detection will also point out every paraphrasing in any document, enabling educators to check learners’ work with accurate and comprehensive reports.

Fastest Checking Speed

oxsico fast checking speed

Oxsico checks your documents in an average of 7 seconds per page. With Real-time web search, it also allows you to make instant comparisons between 130 trillion online documents, such as articles, books, journals, magazines and encyclopedias.

With this integration, we wish to play our part in safeguarding original content while encouraging learners to engage themselves more in their studies, as well as acknowledge original sources of information.

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