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BeED is going to Dare To Learn in Helsinki

Being the semi-finalist of GESAwards Scandinavia, BeED heads for the largest learning event in Northern Europe on September 20 in Helsinki to showcase its very powerful educational ecosystem supporting experiential learning.

Dare To Learn gathers together passionate forerunners and learning-lovers endeavoring to create the future of learning and be part of it. The two-day interactive program includes inspiring keynote sessions, workshops and talks along with the presentations of the latest technologies and innovations in EdTech.

On September 20, Dare To Learn will host the Scandinavian Global EdTech Startup Awards (GESA), and 10 pre-selected startups from Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia will be involved in the semi-final competition, the winner of which will go to the GESA finals in London. This year, Vladislav Herchykau, Chief Strategy Officer and Member of the Board of BeED, will represent the company in the competition and demonstrate the benefits of BeED products for modern institutions.

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