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turning the spotlight on pedagogically focused integrated ecosystem

BeED at Bett 2020: Turning the Spotlight on its Pedagogically-Focused Ecosystem

This year, BeED is delighted to offer you the best experience when you visit us at Stand FS8 (Bett Futures zone) at Bett 2020 on January 22-25.

Whether you’re looking for an integrated solution for better curriculum and lesson planning, tips on creating pedagogically-focused digital lessons, or an opportunity to facilitate and encourage learning all around the globe, make sure to drop by and see us at FS8 to get a hands-on experience.

Explore the array of features through personalised demonstrations

With the recently launched BeED Learning Management System, you will get a chance to fully customise and control the whole educational process to ensure the standardization of quality and requirements across your entire institution(s).

For your convenience, BeED integrates the LMS together with Journeys, its comprehensive mobile learning platform, to relieve institutions from the need to look for multiple products to cater to their numerous educational and curricular needs.

Check out the latest Learning Experiences prepared by the BeED Academic Team

To bring in something new to your daily classes, check out Journeys, its Mobile Experiential Learning Platform, complete with innovative Learning Experiences available on the Nexus marketplace to help re-engage learners in the classroom.

Learn about who we are collaborating with

Never standing still, the BeED team is currently collaborating with world-famous publishers to bring an entire new set of digital resources to your institution, saving time and resources for learners, parents and educators in the long run.

Ask us about Contributing opportunities

If you’re interested in “teacherpreneurship” or any other opportunities to get an additional income, come see us about becoming a BeED Contributor and creating your own engaging outdoor or classroom Learning Experiences. Crowd-share your knowledge online and improve your brand awareness amongst colleagues and peers worldwide.

Sign up for a BeED Trial

The best way to understand whether the system is right for you is to try it yourself. Share your current work challenges with us and let us find the best BeED solution for you.

Learn more about the BeED product testing program

To improve its user experience, the BeED Team is constantly collecting feedback from its clients and associates worldwide. We’d love for you to become a co-creation partner and get familiar with the BeED LMS, with no risk or investment on your side.

Support us at the Bett Awards finals

Don’t forget about the latest great news – BeED has been shortlisted for the Bett Awards 2020! The ceremony will take place on Wednesday, 22nd January 2020 at the Troxy in London. Join the celebrations and support BeED to win this year!

About the Bett Show

Bett is the leading educational show of the year, bringing together over 800 leading companies, 103 promising EdTech startups and over 34,000 visitors from over 146 countries to exchange experiences of transforming the learning environment worldwide and predict how innovation enables educators and learners to thrive. The Bett Show will be held on January 22-25, 2020 at Excel, London.

Free registration for the Bett Show is open now.

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