BeED & You

Independent Schools

Use BeED to digitize the entire learning process for a teaching and learning experience that is cost-effective, interactive and engaging.
Main benefits
Intuitive Network Data Management

Shifting from Information Dispenser to Engager

Lift the burden of repetitive admin tasks from your educators so they can do what you hired them to do - engage with their learners on a deep and meaningful level. Based on a flipped classroom approach, let the app dispense knowledge while your educators cultivate character and other vital skills.
Transparent Quality and Progress Tracking

Borderless Learning Environment

At BeED, we believe that learning shouldn’t be determined or restricted by the physical resources that you have. Now, with our mobile digital platform, learning becomes even more accessible to all your learners and educators, whoever or wherever they may be.
Collaboration Across Institutions

Customise to Your Curriculum and Not the Other Way Around

What’s right for one institution may not necessarily be right for yours - that’s why we’ve built a system that allows you to create or adjust any curriculum to best suit your learners. This way, their needs shape what they learn, and not the other way round.
Be part of the change
Positive impact of BeED
Increase in academic performance
Less time spent on paperwork
Level of absenteeism has fallen to