BeED & You


Enhance your employee training programmes through the BeED system, designed to minimize hassle and increase employee engagement while fulfilling their CPD requirements.
Main benefits
Cost-Effective Delivery

Cost-Effective Delivery

Through the BeED app, employees can be trained off-site no matter where they are, saving you the trouble and expense of gathering everyone under one roof. Modules can also be reused and adapted over time, thus reducing the cost of hosting multiple training sessions.
Efficient Progress Tracking

Efficient Progress Tracking

BeED’s Instant Feedback feature allows you to monitor learner progress on the spot, regardless of where your employees are. Grant them access to mobile training materials as well to reduce the time wastage and hassle of printing out physical materials.
Practical On-Site Training

Practical On-Site Training

Use the BeED app to mobilize your training for a more productive and relevant experience. Let your employees bring their mobile lessons on-site to put vocational skills into practice the moment they learn them.
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Positive impact of BeED
Increase in academic performance
Less time spent on paperwork
Level of absenteeism has fallen to